Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Last Hurrah!

A bunch of volunteers including the Ried’s friend Jasmyn, from the states, all went to Sani Pass for a few nights to celebrate Lisa’s and Jasmyn’s birthdays.  Sani Pass boasts itself as the “Most Expensive Pub in Africa” wait no no that’s not right, I meant the “Highest Pub in Africa”.  It’s an eclectic place to say the least.

I fact checked the last photo, unlike much of the drivel I’ve been reading on social media these past few days, and the new Top Gear team (sans Clarkson, May, and Hammond) did in fact visit Sani Pass.  

We had some pretty lousy weather the first day.

The second day turned out to be sunny, well sort of…

South Africa would disagree with me.  

The rest of the time was spent hiking, eating, drinking, and sleeping.  Something like this.


Happy Birthday Lisa!

School starts today.  I’ll be teaching form E (seniors) math and form D (juniors) physics.  It’s been a great break but I’ve got to get back to “work”.  


- Joel

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