Saturday, October 3, 2015

Packing Up

All packed up and ready to leave on Sunday early morning.  Packing everything I need for the next two years turned out to be a difficult task.  I probably packed, unpacked, and repacked everything five times or so in order to get things just the way I want it.  The check in duffel bag contains a 50L backpacking pack and almost all of my winter clothes (Lesotho gets very cold in the winter).  The idea being, if the bag is lost in transport, then I will still have my summer clothes to live with.

I've been through this ordeal a few times before in the military so I know how the drill goes.  I probably won't end up using half the stuff I brought and my most treasured item will be my headlamp or something like that.


  1. Oh how cute! We'll miss you! Kisses!

  2. Hope you had a good flight, looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home!

  3. Hope everything is going well brother.