Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Party Weekend

I’m going to begin this blog with a question.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your teachers lounge or kitchen at work?

Can anyone beat a rams severed feet and head?

We had a teachers party in Tseshlenyane National Park this past Saturday.  The school chartered a taxi so the ride was free.  The taxi was late to pick me up (Africa time) so I had some spare time to mess around.  It was 5:40 in the morning and still dark out.  I took a 15 second exposure to get this shot of the A1.

I really like my teachers so I was looking forward to letting loose with them.  They brought a sound system, beer, and meat.  The party began at 6:00 am, right when they picked me up.  

Afterwards, I headed to Heather’s house for yet another party in Tallie, Butha-Buthe.  She was hosting a group of us for her birthday.  

Walter and Alex tear down their tent the following morning.

We hung out for a bit on Sunday morning before walking to the road.  

Heather and Palesa

I’m a sucker for blown out black and whites, and they say you can’t shoot portraits into the sun.

Rachel, Wagner, and Jenn heading to the road.  Notice how much different the terrain is in the lowlands.  

We took a taxi to Butha-Buthe to grab some food before we all left our separate ways.  

A real auto parts store.  

Handicapped parking?

I grabbed a russian (cheap sausage) and some mokoeynas (like a small, unsweetened donut hole) before I began my long trip back.  These people had a similar idea.  

Two hours, two hitch hikes, and one taxi later and I was still 166 km away.  

My third hitch dropped me off near the Letseng Diamond mine.  It was getting late and cold.  I had camping gear with me but I really didn’t want to stay the night.  

After a short wait, I got a ride from a semi truck but they only took me to Letseng.  I waited only a few minutes and got picked up by a U.N. vehicle heading to Mokhotlong.  

I could have taken a taxi and avoided the trouble of hitch hiking but I really enjoy talking to the people who pick me up.  I’ve met some really amazing people on hitch hikes.  Joining someone in a ride offers the perfect opportunity to share the purpose of the Peace Corps and make friends.

P.S.  I am traveling to Quthing next week to spend some time with Melinda.  I’m really excited to see her and spend quality time together.  


- Joel

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