Monday, December 21, 2015

You think You Have Problems?

We had a windstorm the other day.  I would place it in the mild to severe category, maybe 40-60 mph gusts, an average day on the Oregon Coast if you will.  Part of my thatched (straw) roof blew off and several peoples metal roofs blew completely off!  The strangest part of the whole aftermath was the amount of latrines that blew completely over.  Stranger still is the amount of time it took some of the folks to right their latrines.  Here is a compilation I hope you enjoy.

This is my neighbors latrine the day after.

Well it fell downhill so I guess that makes sense.

Flipped completely over.

Latrine down!!!  You can see the damaged thatching on the house to the right.

Taken right off the foundation.  You can tell by the size of the base that that baby was built to last a while.  

For my next lifeskills class I am going to teach Knot Tying 101 with a minor in guy lines to hold latrines in place. 

So just when you thought you had problems, imagine walking outside to find your potty uprooted.

- Peace

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