Friday, July 15, 2016

The Bet

After the project development workshop, Melinda and I headed to the Shoprite in Hlotse.  It’s the best grocery store outside of Maseru.  We picked up a few expensive items such as cheese, coffee, and olive oil.  While we were in line I posed a simple bet.  Price is Right style, what would the final bill be.  Being the gentleman that I am, I even let her pick the price.  She said the final bill would be “less than 500 rand”.  I said it would be more.  The wager was a single beer and more importantly, pride.

The cashier began to ring up our items and the total was climbing fast.

She scanned one of the last items and the final bill said 499.62 rand.  Just then I remembered I forgot my Jelly Fruits from one of the in line candy racks.  I grabbed them off the wire and handed them to the cashier.    

Final bill  512.61 rand.  

Somehow Melinda accused me of cheating and rallied a group of volunteer supporters.  I ended up forfeiting the bet and bought her a beer of her choice.  

So tell me people, I who really won the bet?


- Joel


  1. Sorry Joel, Michelle, Mike and Sue all say that Melinda was the true winner!! Good try though! I bet the beer tasted good just the same. :)

    1. While I really appreciate your input Sue, I'm afraid family votes don't count ; )

  2. Calen's pretty good at remembering "forgotten" details at the most opportune moments...for him. Sorry, stud. You lost.
    - Mark

  3. Imo it depends on what the initial bet was based on. Was there a common understanding that the price would be only based on what you already had shopped for? Or was it more open like "what will the bill be after we finish shopping?". If the former, then melinda won and you cheated. If the latter, then you won through cleverness :)

  4. All you ninnies need to keep in mind that the most exciting, applauded and ultimately crippling triumphs happen in the last seconds - they come out of no where and are strategically executed with surgical precision. Sound familiar?

    Joel = victor

  5. Ah good sir,
    As I have known You to be an exceptional man of his word, amd as the local townsfolk of Washington County will recall, you radiate the attributes of integrity, selfless duty, pugnacity amd above all, courage. Therefore I have no doubt in my mind you are telling the truth and those delicious jelly fruits are in fact to be rightfully claimed as the final tally to the price and you my good friend have indeed....won this round if "The Bet".

    Coleman LaFazio