Saturday, January 2, 2016

Popa Soccer Tournament

There was a three day long soccer tournament in my region.  There were eight teams total and the winning team then moves on to a district wide match.  My brother, who is on vacation from electrician school, and I headed up the hill to watch a few games.  Some of the teams were a little rag tag and others had new equipment.

The weather was perfect and the clouds were incredible so I decided to take a few pictures (532 to be exact).  Enjoy!

The field was located on the top of a hill so out of bounds turned out to be way out of bounds.  The ball would roll a few hundred yards down the hill.  Kids would chase the ball down and then two dogs would chase the kids.  After many near attacks, the preferred method was two kids.  One kid would throw rocks and act as bait while the other one retrieved the ball.  It was highly entertaining to watch.

Here are some action shots of the two games.


The weather went from good to great!  Check out the sky.  

I didn’t stay long for the second game.


The games were fun and it was a good way to meet a lot of the community.  I also met three of my students.  


- Joel

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