Thursday, May 26, 2016


Despite many months of preparations through attending Peace Corps meetings, reading “A Mountain School”, hours of prayer, browsing various blogs from current volunteers, talking with friends and family members, and completing the required pre-service activities, I really had no idea what to expect when I came to this little mountain kingdom…   

I never thought I would come to miss trees

or have to choose between bathing or washing dishes

I never imagined I would be teaching 75 students in a single classroom

I certainly didn’t envisioned myself living on a farm

I didn’t forecast such cold temperatures in Africa, or that I would ever miss the warmth of the sun

I would never have guessed that weeks would pass between missing a sunrise

or that I would never grow tired of the unique beauty in each and every one of them

I didn’t think I would come to miss working on projects with my hands  

that I would learn to find inspiration in other places

familiarity never looked so different

I knew I wouldn’t begin to take life too seriously

or lose sight of the humor all around us

I didn’t realize the term neighbor could be used so broadly

I never predicted I could become so comfortable with loneliness 

…or be so filled with joy at the sight of a familiar face.  But ultimately, I never expected I would find the love of my life right here in this little mountain kingdom.

A special thanks to all of my followers, your support is an inspiration.


- Joel

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  1. But but I thought I was the love of your life....well I may not be here when you get back!