Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy June

Happy June everyone, technically belated by 11 seconds.  These two photos are part of my very short “Productive Insomniac” series.  

The galactic center is visible overhead in the southern hemisphere for the next few months.  You are looking at a wide angle (23˚ 20’ to be precise), 15 second exposure at f / 4.0 and ISO 6400.

The orange star located in the lower center is Antares in the constellation Scorpius.  The bright cluster of stars just to the left of the middle is M6 the Butterfly cluster.  The orange glow is caused by the large concentration of stars at the center of our spiral galaxy.  The purple / magenta clouds are gaseous nebulas, which are illuminated by nearby stars.  The black streaks are caused by cosmic dust that blocks out star light.  

I look up at the sky quite often.  As most of you know I like clouds a lot.  I have seen exactly 5 jet trails in the 8 months I’ve been here.  This was the fifth and I just had to capture it.  

It’s getting cold around here.  It’s in the mid 20’s when I wake up.  Not that that is extremely cold but the inside of buildings is not much warmer than the outside.  Most structures are made out of some sort of rock product and all of the windows are single pane.  So it’s not that it’s extremely cold it’s that you can’t seem to escape it. 

I washed clothes before school the other morning.  After rinsing them in warm water, I hung them up on the line to dry at 7 am.  By the time I left for school at 7:30 am they were all frozen to the clothes line.  Good grief.


- Joel


  1. Joel,
    It's funny that you posted the first two pictures this morning. First, I've been considering buying a watch for quite some time. Small world...your SNGZ15 is the exact model I've decided on. I was researching it more last night to help seal the deal, and now here it is.
    2) God's works are amazing. Last week I changed by background to a photo that I didn't take; first time in a long time. I nabbed a photo from Hubble of a star forming region. Your second picture makes me continue to be amazed at God's handiwork.

  2. Mark?

    Glad I could help. It's a great watch I highly recommend it. Very well made, great price, and not flashy at all.

    The first time I acknowledged God's existence was while stargazing. To this day, I am still amazed by his handiwork every time I look at the night sky.