Tuesday, June 14, 2016

School is Almost Out

In case you can’t tell from my third blog in one morning, I’m completely done with giving my tests and grading the papers.  

School is out on the 16th.  Teaching has been an overall positive experience.  I feel like the language barrier is still a hindrance with my form A’s.  I was very happy that my form A’s midterm average matched the other form A class, which is taught by Ntate Matjelo.  I was never able to observe his teaching because our classes were held at the same times.  A few weeks ago he gave a quiz to his class and agreed to give a vector review to my class.  I was surprised that he taught the class in 95% Sesotho.  He used english to define the math terms and used a lot of repetition, something that I don’t use much.  I learned a lot from observing him but I was worried that my students scores would suffer because I teach in 95% English.  In the end our averages were both the same and I’m pleased with the results.  

It’s not only midterm week it’s also picture week.  The journalism club has been stepping up and taking everyones portraits for our yearbook.  I taught the photography focused club members how to do basic operations in Adobe Lightroom such as import, convert to black and white, crop, and export.  

Here Keketso applies some finishing touches to a photo using the school computers.  After the major adjustments, the photos are uploaded to one of the school computers.  Microsoft Publisher is the program being used to consolidate the photos for the yearbook.  My student’s are learning quickly.  One of my student’s types 24 words per minute without looking at the keyboard.  

Next year we are going to sell portraits as a fundraiser.  

We are about half way complete but here are some of my favorites so far.

From my A2 class:
Retselisitsoe Penya
(always getting in trouble, reminds me of me ; )

Tuoane Leeto

Mpho Lekanyane (Always in trouble)
Lefalamang Kobile

Thato Letsoepa
Tumeliso Mpeka

Halieo Mokunyane
Kabelo Tjeketsi 
(A real leader and the only form A 
student in the journalism club)

From my D1 class:
Daliwe Fako
Arolang Ralerata

Rethabile Setoko
Nthati Sethinyane

Pails Rankati
Tsietsi Khatleli

Most of the kids refuse to smile.  When they look like they’re going to crack I make faces until they do.

And yes, we’re using a stained bedsheet as a back drop.  

Next Sunday I will be heading to Hlotse for a week long workshop.  Melinda switched with someone to be in the north workshop with me.  Afterwards we will begin our vacation together.  I can't wait.

Happy 40th anniversary Mike and Sue!


- Joel

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