Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fuji + EOS Adapter

My Fuji X-T1 and the Canon 35mm f1.4L
Not only does this combination feel like a melee weapon in hand, it also takes decent photos.

A few months ago I got a cheap $20 Fotodiox Canon EOS to Fuji FX adapter.  This aluminum tube allows me to mount any Canon lens from 1987 until today onto my Fuji X-T1 camera body.  The adapter doesn’t have any electrical contacts so I loose all electronic functions such as autofocus, electronic aperture control and EXIF data information.  Without electronic aperture control, the lenses are all stuck at their widest apertures.  So why would anyone want to mount an electronically dead Canon lens onto a Fuji body you ask?  
Because my Fuji has a mechanical + electronic shutter that can operate from 30 seconds to 1 / 32,000 seconds.  This means I can shoot wide open in even the brightest environments without worry of carrying around neutral density filters.  
A constant wide open aperture of f1.4 gives me a very shallow depth of field even when the cropped sensor is considered.

The bottom line is I can now use more lenses on my Fuji and I really like the results. 
So that’s it, I get to use a superb lens on a camera body I’ve become very fond of using.  The backgrounds just melt away with the razor thin depth of field and I get plenty of contrast in my black and whites.  

***************** Changing Gears *******************

I just started a new photography project called 35 days of 35mm.  The idea is I post a photo a day using only my Fuji and a 35mm lens.  There are a few ground rules I’m going to stick to.

1) All images must come directly out of the camera.  No editing.

2) Each image must represent a new day.

3) The photos must be as different from one another as possible.

The idea behind the project is to enhance my photography skills and take more pictures.  

I’ll be uploading the results every few days or so on my Google + page HERE.  At the end of the project, I will compile them into a single blog.


- Joel

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