Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just an Update

It’s been a while so I have to remember how to do this blog thing.  This is just an update of the past few weeks.

This month marks a victory for science in Lesotho.  The impostor Pluto is no longer considered a planet at Sekonyela High School thanks to some keen detective work, a meeting with the science department, and Google.  The science books at my school are desperately in need of an update.
Melinda came out to visit me a few weeks back.  We were supposed to travel to Maseru to meet the new group of volunteers but unfortunately plans were cancelled at the last minute.  
We spent four days eating delicious food and just enjoying our time together.  
My school had a series of debates…
Some stargazing…
Some other stuff...
And we parted ways…
Melinda headed to Durban, South Africa and I began packing for my trip from Sani Flats to Sehlabathebe, Lesotho, which is going to be a blog in itself.


- Joel

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