Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Relaxing in Quthing

Melinda’s village

After the All Vol conference, Melinda and I headed to her place in Tlokoeng, Quthing.  We had a string of good hitch hikes and made it back before dark.  She lives in a rondavel (round rock and mud hut with a thatched grass roof) similar to mine except hers is twice the size and has no electricity.  Melinda’s rondavel is visible as the right most building under the large tree.  The mountain on the left is Thaba Mokotjomela, which we hiked up here.

While she was gone the large pig went missing Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon  Bacon

The large pig was replaced by this little guy.  He is about the size of a small dog and like a loyal dog, wags his tail to greet visitors.  

A food photo, how American of me.

We spent most of the time cooking, watching movies, playing cards (scores not important), and listening to music.  We’re really good at just hanging out and doing nothing together.  

A few days later, we headed to Moyeni, the Quthing district camp town, for supplies.  Melinda, like myself, usually hitch hikes into town as it’s relatively easy and saves money.

Melinda has been talking about this grilled chicken spot in Moyeni for several months.  It is basically THE reason she heads into town every week.  We each got 1/4 chicken, a generous portion of chips (french fries), and a bun for M37 or roughly $2.50.  The meal was perfect.  I have never had chicken that tender before.  It came covered in a spicy sauce that was just right balance of flavor and zing.  I wish I had a picture of the spread but taking photos was the last thing on my mind when the plate was placed before me.

After the meal we headed up to the Hotel to pick up our laptops, which we left to charge, from the volunteer resource center.  The internet wasn’t cooperating at the hotel so we just headed to the taxi rank just outside of Lower Moyeni.  

I’ve mentioned this before but people just love asking me to take their photos when I have my Fuji with me.  Something about the non-threatening, retro film design is incredibly attractive to people.  This girl, whom I’ve photographed before, asked me to take several portraits.  Another woman then asked me to take her portrait.

We headed back and continued our trend of cooking good food with our newly purchased produce.  Melinda made a delicious pumpkin curry soup and…

Another apple pie.  My family is visiting my grandparents in Lima, Ohio.  My grandma is a huge pie fan and is famous for saying her favorite type of pie is “the one she’s eating at the moment”.  We had a chance to Skype with everyone and my grandma said “you sure know how to pick em”.  

You said it grandma.

I’m jealous of Melinda’s beautiful backyard.  On the bottom left there is Blue Agave, two types of aloe, and a cactus all in one patch.

Melinda had a conference in T.Y. with two of her teachers.  I decided to take it easy on the way back to Mokhotlong.  I stayed the night with Ryan Wagner in Peka and completed my journey back in two long days.  

After the conference, Melinda is heading up to Mokhotlong and we will spend the next nine days together.  


- Joel

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