Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The rains have come…

Mokhotlong is turning green again, school is only days from over, and we say goodbye to Rob and Jordan who are completing their two years of service.  

A few weeks back, Wagner and Jeff stayed at my place for a night.  The following morning we hiked to Rob’s site in Malubalube (Ma-duba-dubay it’s a fun one to say) for a poker tournament. On the hike out, kids were excited to see us and kept coming out to the road.  By the time we reached Rob’s site, there were around 25 kids walking with us.

It stormed the whole time we were there.  The hike back was a wet one.  I broke yet another phone due to water damage.

At one point all three of us were sliding down a hill in the mud.  Wagner and Jeff headed back to the lowlands the following day.

******************Changing Gears*******************

On Thursday the 17th, I got an early ride (3:30 am) to the lowlands with my deputy principle.  He had an appointment with a mechanic in Maputsoe.  I just happened to not have any tests until the following Tuesday so I decided to see Jeff at his going away celebration and surprise Melinda with a visit. 

There were hundreds of people at Jeff’s going away party.  People from the whole region, the high school that Jeff teaches at, and the nearby primary school were all in attendance.  Jeff is a really neat guy and it was fun being there.  Afterwards we ate some amazing catered food and drank into the morning.

The following morning I headed south to the Quthing district to surprise Melinda.  She had no idea I was coming and it was a lot of fun seeing the look on her face, sorry I don’t have any pictures.  

We have such a great time together, it’s always difficult to say goodbye.  We stayed at her place on Friday and Saturday and then headed up to the Ried’s place on Sunday morning for an early Thanksgiving.  Lisa made a delicious crock pot lasagna, which was just fine by me as I was having a real Thanksgiving meal the following weekend. 

**************Changing Gears**************

Last weekend we had a district Thanksgiving celebration in town.  Everyone was able to make it, which is always nice.

It also marked the last time Rob and Jordan will be in country.  They complete their two years of service next week and have an amazing trip planned on their way back to America.  Rob is wearing grey in the center of the photo.  I just realized Will isn't in any of the pictures.  His Atlanta hat is in the far right.  

We played some interesting games…

Wagner and his girlfriend Becky made it out.  I think Jim just lost.

After an amazing meal prepared by the group, we listened to Jordan (left) and Brandy sing.  It was a nice Thanksgiving. 

*******************Changing Gears******************

My host father Ntate Mokotjo Sekonyela proudly holds twin rams.  These rams are only a few hours old and some of the first born of his flock of 11 on our property.  He’s happy because these specially bred rams will net over $350 a piece in the coming months.  So far there are 5 rams out of 9 births and 2 are yet to come.  


- Joel

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