Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Touching Tiny Lives Foundation #reach2000

I’ve been trying to use photography for more than just blogging and I finally got an opportunity.  A former Peace Corps Volunteer and current fellow for the organization Touching Tiny Lives (TTL) got ahold of me and asked if I could help with a project.  TTL is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable babies affected by malnutrition and HIV / AIDS.  They take in babies and nurture them back to health over the course of 3-4 months.  TTL also works closely with the mothers of the babies in order to inform them about proper nutritional and health procedures.  

TTL is working on a project called 2000 likes for 2000 clients (#reach2000).  If you would like to help Touching Tiny Lives reach their goal.  Please click on their Facebook link below and simply “Like” their page.  


I have never photographed babies before and it was challenging.  They never stop moving until they sleep.

I had to spend almost half an hour just being in the room with them before they were comfortable with me.  

The babies don’t see a lot of white males on a day to day basis and I made a few of them uneasy.

Some of the kids would just look at me and cry even after several hours in the play room.

Brandy seemed to know the trick to getting a good laugh.  Brandy and the rest of the TTL staff were incredibly helpful with this project.  I really enjoyed photographing the twins as well as this one below.  

This little one came to TTL at 9 months old and 4.3kg (9.5lb) and HIV positive.  She was so small she looked more like a long newborn.  

She was a calm and happy baby the whole time.  I hesitated about putting this photo into my blog.  The purpose is not a glamor shot of another “starving African baby”.  The purpose is to spread awareness about the incredible problem with early childhood nutrition as well as the affects of HIV / AIDS in Lesotho.  

I called it a weekend and came back the following Wednesday to finish up.  

It was easier after reviewing what I had already done.

In addition to the babies, I also made a collage of each staff member.  TTL has an excellent staff and I had a lot of fun working with them.

I would just like to thank Brandy for her help with this project.  If you like the photos please go to Touching Tiny Lives Facebook page and like their page.  We are working together to spread awareness about babies affected by malnutrition and HIV / AIDS.  


- Joel 

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  1. Wow this is really interesting! So much thought has been put into this. God bless these children.